Introducing… Empire Signal

October 27, 2014

So you probably know us if you’re here but if you don’t then here’s some dirt on the boys in the band:



pj_eatonEaton: Sings. Writes the songs an plays guitars, UTD, from Hyde, plays a Gretsch and Telecaster, drinks Guinnes,  in the day: draws things and colours them in, favourite bands: Nirvana / Stone Roses






Jones: Smashes drums, plays a Gretsch kit, real name is ‘Thor’, from Polski / Partington, UTD, drinks JD and Coke, in the day: business deals galore, favourite band: Pearl Jam







Joey B: Slaps da bass, plays a Rickenbecker, from Flixton, CITY, good dancer, drinks Fosters, in the day: builds things at places, favourite band: Oasis.











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